About Us

We are, simply, disciples of Jesus of Nazareth. We attempt to lead our lives as He taught, loving God with all our heart, soul, and mind, and loving our neighbors as ourselves. We try to share that same message of love with the world by our words and by our example.  We are His disciples because He is the son of God, confirmed by His miracles and His resurrection from the dead, and witnessed by thousands.

When you meet us, you will see people just like yourself. We go to work, we raise families, we share times of joy and times of sadness.  But we think you will find something different about us – a joy of life, an inner peace, a tremendous love for each other, and a longing to learn more about who Jesus really was, what He really taught, and how we can become as much like Him as we can.

Want to know more? Come worship with us!  An hour is a small investment for an experience that may change your life!