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Our Core Beliefs

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Monday, 11 August 2008 17:13

Jesus is the son of God. He left heaven to take on flesh and show us exactly how God wanted us to live. He died as a sacrifice for our sins, taking the punishment of death that each of us deserves. But God raised Him from the dead, to prove to us life does not end when this physical body passes on, and took him back into heaven. There God sat Him at His right hand, and there He still is, ruling as King over all His disciples.

He left us a reminder of his words through His 12 leading disciples, called apostles. Those words teach us that we become His disciples when we believe in his life and what he did, we repent (turn from) our past life of sins and attempt to live as He would have us, we confess that belief in Him before men, and we are baptized (immersed) in water to obtain forgiveness of sins. As His disciples, we do our best to live life just as He did. Being His disciple is a gift.  We have direction in our lives, and a peace in knowing we are one with the one who made us.  We know a home with God awaits us after this life.  And we have God’s watchful care over us, knowing He loves the disciples of His Son, and that all things will work together for good for us.

We as disciples congregate in local assemblies called churches. The Lord’s church in Raleigh is one of those assemblies.  When we meet together, we sing praises and thanksgivings to Him, and encouragement to each other. We pray, we partake of the Lord’s Supper to remember His death, and we learn more about His words and teachings. We give a contribution so that the collective assembly can do the works that He asked of us: teach the world about Him, edify and encourage each other, and help our fellow disciples when they are in need. Being a member of the church is a gift as well. Our fellow disciples are our best friends, rejoicing with us when times are good, and consoling us when times are not.

Each local assembly is independent of one another. We as the Lord’s church in Raleigh do not report to any hierarchy, and no one tells us what to believe and what to do. We as disciples of Jesus simply read His teachings, and do our best to do as He asks. There is a reason for that; that is all His disciples did in the first century as well. No hierarchy, and no officers but those in our local assembly: elders , deacons, teachers, and evangelists.


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