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TLC Outreach Mission

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What exactly is outreach?  To us as Christians outreach means showing God’s love to the world around us; lifting up the poor, visiting the sick and spreading the Good News of the peace in Christ! We at The Lord’s Church in Raleigh take community outreach to heart. Our primary focus is spreading the Gospel of Christ to the community.


TLC Raleigh Outreach looks to use Christ’s teaching as a guide to help others.   We will have soon seminars on topics such as Parenting, Marriage, and Personal finances. The focus of these seminars is to show how God is instrumental in all aspects of your life. In addition to these seminars TLC members get involved themselves by reaching out to existing community groups and develop a plan to help those in need. Our TLC Youth Group brings cheer to those who are shut-in or sick. Examples of their good works include singings at the local hospitals, bringing meals to the elderly and support at local rescue missions.


We believe Christ’s message is one of love, hope, and peace and that message can change your life! People face a multitude of challenges in everyday life and do not know where to turn. This leads to stress, uncertainty and helplessness. Christ’s message is one of “help for the helpless, rest for the weary and love for the broken heart.” What can we do to show Christ’s love to you? If you have a need, or wish to join us in helping others,  please contact us.