TLCRaleigh Final Service - 2/26/2012



Welcome to TLC Raleigh. This past Sunday we held our final service at the Brier Creek community Center. Here is a message from our Evangelist Bebe Isrel:



Growth occurs in many ways. Sometimes it is steady, like a tree; up, and up, and up. But sometimes, it is a metamorphosis. It is like the butterfly, who first grows steadily as a caterpillar, but reaches a stage where further growth can only be achieved in a new environment. We at the Lord’s church in Raleigh have decided it is time to fly.

We have been in the cocoon now for a year and a half. We have grown immensely from the caterpillar we began as; not as much in number, though we have grown there. More-so, though,  in spirit. We explored God and His son and found them maybe even more than we thought before; His spirit more powerful; His freedom even greater. As with the caterpillar, it took most of all we had to nourish ourselves. Though we ventured out on the limb some to others, it took most of our energy to change ourselves into the butterfly God wanted us to be.

But the cocoon that was our protection and our nourishment now constrains us. We have newfound knowledge that needs to be shared with fellow butterflies. We want to go to a world desperately needing the spiritual beauty that Jesus has so richly blessed us with. And we just can’t get there from this cocoon. So we each leave the cocoon that was the Lord’s church in Raleigh, and fly to where God leads us.   

We are excited, we are scared, we are hopeful. We are grateful beyond words for the butterfly that God made of us from the caterpillar that we were.

And we will always, always, thank God for the cocoon.    

Please check back as more information will be posted.

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What's New - 2/25/2012




Welcome! TLC Evangelist Bebe Isrel delivered his second sermon of a 3 part series tackling the subjects that most congregations stay away from. Last week Bebe looked at the Silence issue and this week his lesson looked at binding examples. At first glace you may think the lessons are what you have heard before but take a moment to listen and you will most likley find something totally different. Bebe looks at the issues from a different angle and gives plenty of "examples" to ponder. You can find the lessons in the sermon library or click one of the links below to listen.


  • Silencing The Law of Silence
  • Examples Yes! Binding? I Think Not
  • Why Don't You Wash My Feet? Commands and Principles


For further reading on the law of silence or other church issues take a look at Al Maxey's Refections site found here: Reflections, Law of Silence



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We are, simply, disciples of Jesus of Nazareth. We attempt to lead our lives as He taught, loving God with all our heart, soul, and mind, and loving our neighbors as ourselves. We try to share that same message of love with the world by our words and by our example.  We are His disciples because He is the son of God, confirmed by His miracles and His resurrection from the dead, and witnessed by thousands.


When you meet us, you will see people just like yourself. We go to work, we raise families, we share times of joy and times of sadness.  But we think you will find something different about us - a joy of life, an inner peace, a tremendous love for each other, and a longing to learn more about who Jesus really was, what He really taught, and how we can become as much like Him as we can.


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